Frequently asked questions

I purchased on my iPhone, can I use it on my iPad?

Yes, of course! When you purchase Secret Santa Premium on your iPhone, you can restore the purchase on another device (iPhone or iPad). Make sure that you use the same Apple ID on both devices.

Can I create more than one Secret Santa group?

Yes, Secret Santa app can hold as many groups as you wish.

Someone in my group did not receive the email

Please refer to troubleshooting.

Can I add a wishlist?

Wishlists are available since November 2022. Each participant receives a link to their wishlist in the Secret Santa invitation. You can re-send the link to the wishlist by using the Send message to all feature in the group options.

Is the organizer included?

Yes, the organizer is included in the Secret Santa group and will receive an email with the name of their Secret Santa.

Change event date

We will add some Secret Santa event editing features in the future. In the meantime, if you wish to change the event date, change the budget or edit the message to participants, please contact us directly through the app.

Duplicating an event

You can duplicate last year's event and exclude last year's outcome. This means that a new raffle is made and nobody will offer a gift to the same person as last year.

To duplicate an event, follow these steps:

  1. Open Secret Santa app

  2. Tap on the menu button at the top left

  3. Tap on Your Secret Santas

  4. Select the event

  5. Tap on the options button ••• at the top right

  6. Select "Duplicate event"

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