New Secret Santa event

Tap on Start Secret Santa from the home screen.

Send by Email / SMS / WhatsApp

Secret Santa app lets you create new events by sending the invitation by email, SMS, WhatsApp, Line and Telegram.

If your preferred messaging service is not listed, you can still send the invitations at a later stage.

Follow the steps to create your new event.

Organize Event

This view asks for

  • Event Name: the name of your event. Such as "Family Christmas"

  • Budget: defined budget for each Secret Santa gift

  • Event Date: the date on which the gift exchange will take place

Add your participants

After adding yourself, you can add all other participants. If you add the particpant's email address, the invitation will automatically be sent by email. To send an invitation by SMS or another messaging service, fill in the phone number or leave it empty.


The next step is setting exclusions. If two or more particpants should not be matched, tap their names. This is especially useful to prevent couples offering one another a gift or for any other reason.

Additional message

This is the place where you can add specific instructions that will be sent with all invitations.

Sending invitations

This is where the magic happens. Each Secret Santa gift pair is sent by email. If some email addresses aren't reachable or you want to send an invitation by SMS it will be possible in the next step.

One more step

This last step enables you to send individual invitations by SMS, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram or any other messaging service.

Make sure to tap on each name to send the invitation before closing the app.

The Other Options... menu option pops-up the regular text sharing action sheet to use other messaging services that aren't listed.

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